Meet the Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight

October 21, 2014

Leeo was founded on a simple but powerful vision: To build beautiful, accessible products that solve real problems in people’s lives. Today we’re thrilled to unveil our first product: the Leeo Smart Alert™ Nightlight, an Internet-connected nightlight that monitors your home and alerts you when things go wrong.


Home is a sanctuary for most people, a place that’s uniquely ours. It is filled with objects and memories that are irreplaceable. But many of us, even here at Leeo, know someone who has lost everything in a home fire. Smoke alarms help address this problem, but only if someone is around to hear them. When you’re away from your home these devices depend on someone else being nearby to notice. Unfortunately, by the time a neighbor hears the alarm or flames become visible, it can be too late.


The Leeo Smart Alert™ Nightlight solves this by notifying you of alarms that go off in your home while you’re away. The device detects patterns associated with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and contacts you — first by push notification and then with a phone call. You can even listen to a clip of the sound detected to verify that it was an alarm. (There aren’t many things that sound like a smoke detector, but you never know when someone will be practicing the piccolo). From there we’ll help connect you to local emergency services, so no matter where you are you will be connected to responders near your home.

If you aren’t able to respond to our alert Leeo will call a list of contacts you’ve designated in a backup call list. These contacts can listen to and verify the alarm and be connected to local emergency officials on your behalf. You can add as many contacts as you want and choose the order in which they are called. The people you add will be asked to confirm that they are willing to be contacts, and once they have confirmed you are good to go.



At its core, the Smart Alert™ Nightlight is designed to give you peace of mind when it comes to your home — and that applies to more than just existential threats. Along with the ability to detect smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, the product contains both temperature and humidity sensors to keep the things you care about safe — whether you’re worried about your pipes freezing, mold growing, or wine spoiling.


Though this protection is serious business, we made the Smart Alert™ Nightlight fun, too. One of my favorite features is the ability to change the color of the light from within the Leeo app. With more than 16 million color variations to choose from, you’ll be able to find a color for you.


With its simple, plug-in installation and compatibility with the alarms you already have, the new Smart Alert™ Nightlight is perfect for every home, apartment, and budget. We believe that safety and peace of mind should be accessible to everyone, and that’s why we’re so excited to share our last eighteen months of work with you. Starting today, you can buy a Leeo Smart Alert™ Nightlight on our website for $99.


I also hope you’ll join the Leeo community to learn more about the product, share your Smart Alert stories, and discover what’s next at Leeo. The future of connected, safer homes is bright — welcome aboard.



Bjorn Hovland

Bjorn is a product manager at Leeo, where he works with engineering, design, and marketing to build products that delight customers.


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