Know friends and family are ok and let them know you're ok too.

Ping helps
keep people connected

Ping uses the sensors in a smart phone to know that family and friends are ok.

Ping works in the background

After you create an account, you don’t have to do anything else but use your phone as you normally would.

Ping is flexible, private, and secure

Everyone decides what information they want to share and who to share it with.

How it works

Ping uses the motion of your smartphone to see if you're up and about. If you've moved recently, you'll get a green glow.

Ping can send a friendly reminder if family or friends haven't moved their phone, tablet, or Apple Watch in quite a while (we'll always try to reach out to them first).

If you're ever feeling nervous, like walking to your car at night, or meeting someone new, Ping can watch your back and call for help later if needed.


Who is Ping for?

"Since my son left for college, he isn't comfortable sharing his location anymore. With Ping, he gets to keep his privacy but I still know that he is OK."

"I used to worry about who would be there if anything happened to me. Now my neighbors and I keep an eye out for each other."

"Sometimes I have to travel for business. It's really reassuring to know that my family knows I'm ok without bothering them."


Get Ping for iPhone


  • Feel safer walking to your car at night, traveling alone or just being adventurous.

  • Know when remote family and friends are all up and going about their day.

  • Get a friendly reminder to check in if anyone isn't "green" today. (Ping will always try to contact them first)

  • Ping works on iPhone 5S and newer iPhones running iOS 10+

  • Works best with a cellular signal (most features also work when wifi-only)

  • "Watch my Back" safety feature uses text messaging (carrier charges may apply)